Songs – life changing or just meaningful & how?

Hey y’all!  For those of you who know me well, you know a couple of things… one is that I am long winded and the other is that I LOVE MUSIC.  I enjoy nearly all genre’s but love specific ones.  As with many people, my eclectic taste has changed over the years, but my roots (those being in Rock music of all types) will always stay with me, since I am a rocker at heart.  XD

I am starting this thread so that we all can get to know one another a bit better, via a very commonly agreed upon medium – MUSIC!  This is a thread for the posting and discussing of songs which have in some way inspired you – be it only at one point in your life, or a song which continues to inspire you still to this day.  Perhaps it’s a song from your past or a story about a close friend/family member.  Maybe it isn’t a Song at all, but instead a Slam Poem, a quote from a TV Show or Movie or perhaps a Sonnet.  All such things will be welcome to be posted and discussed.

We are looking for meaningful posts and commentation (<—- not a real word, apparently) on said posts.  This is meant to be kept to a PG style setting, so please no cursing or lewd band names or song names.  Post songs… Interact… Debate… Provide alternative view points… Discuss with passion… this is what this thread is for.  I hope you join me in discussions of songs which have helped me through some dark points not only in this business but in my personal life as well.  Thanks and stay safe out there!  ttfn…   ^.^

~ Caleb


  1. Caleb says

    Well, I will start with the song from the artist Kate Earl called “Golden Street”. I enjoy this song for many reasons but for one particular reason does it strike a cored with me. That reason being the specific line from her second verse:
    “People keep saying I’m goin to Hell if I don’t change
    But I sold my soul to God when I was barely eight
    All of Jacobs ladders couldn’t rescue me
    All because I bought that house on Golden Street.”

    Please know that this is not a Sermon. I am not a Preacher, but I am a man with Faith. Many things have happened over the years to challenge that faith but deep down it remains. So when people who are “holier” than I try to condemn me for being who I am in this world we live in, I think of this song, and it helps. Perhaps it has helped others out there as well. What are your thoughts? :)

  2. Caleb says

    A slam poem which helps me through the tough times of LoL, when the only teammates I seem to be placed with are toxic, rude, mean people. This guy hits all the right points, so let him speak to you and let his words sink in, as it could help us all be better players. Please visit the YouTube page provided below and then reply here, letting me know what you think of the video and more specifically the poem within.

  3. Caleb says

    Lastly for today, is a quote from one of my favorite TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy… this is during the final scene of one of my favorite characters Dr. Thomas, who in mentoring Dr. Christina Yang and it goes like this:
    “Breathe, Dr. Yang. Don’t be crass. You’re Skulking. Women of your generation are graceless. It’s an affront to nature. Mediocre surgeons will see you and feel themselves wilting in your shadow. Do not shrink to console them. Do not look for friends here. You won’t find them. None of these people have the capacity to understand you. They never will. If you’re lucky, one day, when you’re old and shriveled like me, you will find a young doctor with little regard for anything but their craft and you’ll train them, like I trained you. Until then, read a good book. You have greatness in you, Yang. Don’t disappoint.”

    Now while I am no Doctor… I am a man who struggles to find his place in society, make friends, keep friends and just understand people in general. While I never had anyone ‘train me’ as Dr. Thomas trained Dr. Yang, the words still help. These words by Dr. Thomas help me and perhaps they can help a few of you out there as well. :)

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