Quandaries & Riddles contest

Each month we will post on our site a new “Quandaries & Riddles” for everyone to take a shot at guessing.  These will take place separately and will have their own set of base rules.  Please see below for the details.  The reward for answering each months Q&R will be a discount off your next purchase.  This includes the entire order, not just one item.  Answers will need to be emailed to [email protected], unless otherwise specified.

How it works – AKA “THE RULES, Y’ALL”:

  • The first person to correctly answer our “Quandaries & Riddles” contest will receive a coupon code for 30% off their next purchase.
  • The second person to email me the correct answer will receive a coupon code for 20% off.
  • The third person to email me the correct answer to the Q&R will receive a 10% off coupon code.
  • The discount code will be valid through the next month and will then expire; i.e. the people who answer correctly in October will have through November to take advantage of the discount, before the code expires at the end of November.
  • At times a question may have multiple ways of being answered.  When this is the case, each answer I receive will be reviewed multiple times before the person who provided the answer is notified of their success of failure, to ensure validity of the contest.
  • Certain “Mini Q&R” contests will be posted separate from this “three winners” style contest and will allow answers in the form of comments to be placed on the post itself.  The goal of a Mini Q&R is for the first person to answer correctly by commenting in the post (will require you to create a log in).  The winner of this Mini Q&R contest will receive a free throwing weapon, with their next purchase of anything (S&H may be applied, depending on what other items are purchased).