All foam weaponry displayed on this site have been handcrafted by the staff of Sleeping Samurai and in most cases are created to be historically accurate. We do our best to achieve this while balancing safety, style, ease of use and fun!  We have been developing and producing our Foam Martial Arts Practice Weapons for nearly a decade, and in that time our weaponry has proven itself in many different combat scenarios and has evolved to be safer and more functional.  All weaponry on this site is safe to be used in Mock Combat, Martial Arts Training, LARPing, Stage Combat and/or Backyard Fun!  Our Foam Martial Arts Practice Weapons are safe and designed for all ages, when used with proper control and when abiding by our Rules associated with this type of foam weaponry, along with the Safety Notice posted below. While our Custom/Fantasy weaponry is designed to be safe; moreover, this type of weaponry is created to be visually appealing, light weight and are as accurate to the images & specs that they are inspired by, as possible.

In addition to our foam weaponry, we are excited to offer hand-crafted leather items, most of which are made-to-order for those seeking the unique and exceptional gift for someone, or with which to treat themselves!