December/January Q&R solved in first week!!

Hey everyone… so some of you may notice that our first web site based Q&R is technically for February and not January.  This is due to our very first ever Q&R having been hosted on our Facebook account back in December of 2014 – the winners having solved the riddle within the first week of it being up!  It was our “test run” and it was so successful that we decided to implement it here on our Official Website.

What that means for the winners of that first contest is the following: all of those who won through FB will be provided with a coupon code which will be valid through all of February.  So the three that won in December (counting for January) will receive their appropriate discounts based upon their rankings and have through February to take advantage of said discount.

Our newest Q&R will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for that!

~ Caleb