About Sleeping Samurai

General Information:

Sleeping Samurai is a company based around bringing Interactive Entertainment to conventions. We supply hand made foam weapons, made to simulate actual weapons with as much historical accuracy as possible. These weapons are created entirely by the staff of Sleeping Samurai. Most all of the weapons that we create are Asian inspired. We do have some European inspired weapons, though. So, whether you are looking for a foam Katana or a foam Hammer, you should find what you need in our wide array of weapons. Custom orders are always welcome!

Sleeping Samurai was established in 2007 and since then we have brought our expertise in the field of Interactive Entertainment to dozens of shows across the U.S. No distance is too far to travel in order to bring you our unique style of foam fighting. Not only do we offer you the chance to participate in the foam battles themselves but we also hold instructional panels, historical panels, choreographed fight routine panels, training sessions and much more. Foam weapon tournaments, exhibition matches and LARPing games are just a few types of battles that we organize and supervise at conventions. Tournament winners receive their pick of one free item from our inventory.

The meaning of Sleeping Samurai:

Many people ask me what my business name means. To me, it represents the fact that in this world there are still Samurai. These Samurai could be your “average Joe”. The kid that packs your groceries, the person that delivers your mail, the firefighter down the street, the person at your local park that picks up the trash, the Police Officer that you hate because he/she gave you a ticket for breaking the law, or the person that serves your burger at the fast food joint. All of these people could be Samurai. They just don’t realize it. Therefore, they are “Sleeping”. They are Samurai because of how they treat you, respect you, protect you, honor you and most of all, (some) would die for you. Yes, some would even give their lives for you, a complete stranger. These are the type of people that I would consider, Samurai. So, the next time you are about to take for granted the person who bagged your groceries, delivered your tax return, saved your grandparents from a gas leak, picked up your trash, arrested the criminals, or served you your food, just remember, they could be “Sleeping Samurai”.  “Are You  Sleeping?”

About Sleeping Samurai’s Goals & Aspirations

It is the goal of Sleeping Samurai to help re-awaken Honor, Respect and Chivalry wherever we can – welcoming them back into this world with a Foam Weapon in hand and a smile on our faces.  Along with others, we believe that “Chivalry is not dead, it’s only Sleeping”… and we wish to re-awaken it.  We hope to accomplish our goals by impacting children, teens, peers and adults across the country in a positive and exciting manner.  We want to teach –  through activities such as fun and structured Foam Weapon Interactive Entertainment Battles and Panels – that there is no reason to act like fools, at times disgracing oneself or family.  We wish for people to understand what it means to awaken their “Inner Samurai” and to find comradery in the ideals of such.  Our company gives people a chance to battle one another safely, utilizing one of our many Foam Martial Arts Practice Weapons.  We also provide a safe, unpresuming, and friendly environment for convention attendees to just hang out in an environment which teaches respect for one another and the joy of having people in your life that you consider true friends, mentors and family.

~ Ronin is a way of life…

At Sleeping Samurai we aspire to be the lead Foam Weapons Interactive Entertainers of this age!  Although our roots are in the LARPing community (for which we will always be grateful), as a company we strive to be unmatched in the wealth of entertainment options we offer.  At our core, we are unlike “LARP” or local foam fighting groups, in a few key areas.  Although we may be different, at the end of the day, we all battle with foam weaponry and so we welcome foam fighters of all sports to join us in battle, when you see us at events!  Please refer to the Q&A section in our “Knowledge” page for information about being able to use your own foam weapons in our arena.

Now, don’t get me wrong… there is “competition” out there (many of whom were trained right here at Sleeping Samurai)… but when comparing us to those “other guys” you will find that what Sleeping Samurai offers is unique, professional and unpretentious.  Here are a few ways we aspire to outshine “the other guys”:

  • One Millions Dollar insurance coverage and Release Waivers for each event.
  • A decade of experience in foam weapon crafting and entertainment experience.
  • Training, Crafting and Entertainment panels unique to our company.
  • A professional business look and appeal by providing quality products which are not only visually appealing but handle as a real weapons should.
  • Due to the wealth of entertainment options we provide, we have the ability to negotiate a fair and mutually beneficial arrangement on an Event-by-Event basis.

Please contact us at [email protected] with your questions or for booking information.  We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully entertaining you and your events soon!!